OCTG Pup Joints

OCTG Pup Joints is one kind of common accessories for connection with casing and tubing. Threaded pup joints are divided into male threaded ends, single male threaded and Female threaded. The size and material is the same as the casing or tubing.

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China API 5CT N80 Seamless Pup Joint Manufacturer Provides API 5CT N80 Seamless (SMLS) EUE Pup Joint, 2-7/8 Inch, 6.5 LB/FT, Black Painting Surface.
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DB-Pup Joint-930

China N80 Pup Joint Manufacturer Derbo Supplies N80 Pup Joint, Hot Rolled, 1.66 Inch, EUE 2.40lb/ft, Oiled, Painting Finish, for Oil & Gas Industries.
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DB-OCTG Tubing-683

China OCTG Pipe Joints Factory Derbo Offers OCTG Pipe Joints, API 5CT N80, Hot Rolled, 2 7/8 Inch, Length R2, Painting, OCTG Pipes for Oil Industry.
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China API 5CT PUP Joint Manufacturer Derbo offers API 5CT PUP Joint,18出禁止看的色视频在线观看GRADE K55,偷自视频区免费4-1/2IN Inch, 11.6PPF, 6m, BTC Connection, painting surface treatment.